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Fassamano, from the French face à main, rewrites the history of spectacles by adding glamour and contemporaneity. Handmade in Italy. Slide them up with intriguing charm.


From the outset, Fassamano stands for its distinction, culture and savoir vivre. Descending from the magnificent 18th century Venice, when a slight shortness of sight was considered attractive and a perfect occasion to wear a precious accessory.


Eyeglasses designed to read at a glance a menu, a text or a fine detail without the need of wearing reading glasses or to look for them in your pockets or purse. Fassamano sheds a new insight of the world.

fassamano story

Dedicated to those that do not read well close, yet can see far away.
Designed and made in Italy.

fassamano accessories

Personalize your Fassamano with different accessories
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