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What is Fassamano?
Fassamano is a reading glasses for presbyopes, unisex and without rods, designed to see better up close. It is worn like a necklace and is available in multiple combinations of colors and textures. It is a Class I medical device that allows the correction of presbyopia from +1.0 to +3.5 diopters.

When is it used?
It is used to read very small writings, magnify details that escape or observe small objects. For example, it is ideal for consulting the smartphone, reading a label or watch, quick and frequent operations that do not require permanent eyeglasses. Fassamano is worn around the neck to always have it at hand.

Why choose Fassamano?
Those who become presbyopic from the age of 40 are not used to wearing glasses: they use them little and struggle to find them when needed. Fassamano, worn as a jewel accessory, is always with you. The unmistakable design and the quality of Italian manufacturing transform a defect of sight into an occasion of style. Fassamano is elegant, functional and casual and makes life more comfortable.