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Fassamano, from the French word face à main, is drawn near, when needed, with a carefree and intriguing gesture, to your face. Italian made, Fassamano rewrites the history of eyeglasses with a touch of contemporary glam.


Descending from that magnificent ‘700s Venetian time, when a slight shortness in sight was considered an advantage and a magnificent occasion to show off a precious object. Fassamano is the origin of specs and a symbol of culture and savoir vivre.


Reading glasses perfect to read a menu at a glance, a message or the fine print, without needing to wear reading glasses, or to search for them in purse or pockets; Fassamano sheds a new insight on the world.

fassamano story

Dedicated to those that do not read well close, yet can see far away.
Designed and made in Italy.