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About us

About us

We do not know in which artisan shop, from which mind and in what hidden calle of the Serenissima of Venice, they conceived the idea of ​​creating the first face-à- main, some centuries ago. But we know that, having a conversation about history and art, design and fashion, in front of an excellent bottle of wine, of which no one could read the back-label, written in font size 8, Fassamano was invented.

We would have liked to have already had them at that Milan dinner where the idea took shape; To reproduce an indispensable accessory, designing it in a contemporary fashion, with the highest quality materials and workmanship made exclusively in Italy. Cristiana, designer and architect, looked for the perfect form, Lucia ,marketer at heart, studied the potential, Carlo photographer and videomaker, looked at it with a visionary eye from behind the lense, Giovanni UX designer, has taken care of the digital aesthetics. On this dynamic and exciting path other people have believed and joined the project. Today Fassamano, thanks to the vision and a deep analysis of the opportunities of the growing market of reading glasses, is our small chic revolution into the best reading glasses market. A great opportunity, at the crossroad of fashion and design, dedicated to those who do not read well close, but know how to see the far away.